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10 latest employee profiles in salary survey

Gender Position and category Region Company size Age group Net monthly salary
gender_icon Key Account Manager Commerce Riga and Riga region medium company 35-44 1,763.00 EUR
gender_icon Digital marketing specialist Marketing, Advertising, PR Riga and Riga region small company <24 810.00 EUR
gender_icon Customer Support Specialist Customer Support Jurmala n/a 783.00 EUR
gender_icon Javascript Programmer Information Technology Riga and Riga region n/a 25-34 1,625.00 EUR
gender_icon Doctor Medicine & Social Care Vidzeme large company 25-34 3,500.00 EUR
gender_icon Programmer Information Technology Riga and Riga region n/a 4,200.00 EUR
gender_icon Branch Director Top Management Riga and Riga region large company 45-54 2,942.00 EUR
gender_icon Seller of Bank Services, Loan Officer Banking Jelgava n/a 45-54 1,300.00 EUR
gender_icon Insurance Underwriter Insurance Riga and Riga region n/a 25-34 1,900.00 EUR
gender_icon Welder Mechanical Engineering Riga and Riga region small company 25-34 1,020.00 EUR